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row updating in gridview in asp net c-65

NET View_Insert_Edit_Update_If using Sql Data Source about Data Access then you can refer here Hope that helps!

, you can use that Web site and go to the next section.

Dear All, In Row Updating event of a Grid View I am trying to update the database picking the values of bound text Boxes in the Edit Item Templates. I confirmed update works by giving some other text vlaues instead of those retrieved from TB1, TB2, and TB3. I checked your code, it is working very good; below example of the code I used here...

But Values retrieved from the tex Boxes are old values (not the newly typed in values in Edit mode) So in effect no updating is happening.

I need to update a specific cell in a gridview with some static text when a button click that is outside the gridview. (you might have someone come up with a js solution too) basically, in the click event you could do this, say a label in the Template Field: Label lbl = (Label)Grid View1. Basically when the button is clicked i want to loop through the rows of the gridview checking if a checkbox at the beginning of each row is checked, if it is checked i want to update cell 5 of that row and anyothersubsequent rows with the checkbox checked with the word "deploying".

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