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However, if their area/region only has athletic guys who won't commit ever in life, then it limits her.

She can't claim she's got hundreds of options if she really wants to get married, but all those guys do not.

While he may have a bunch of admirable qualities, the truth is, most women freak the **** out once they experience his level of confidence and security.

An Omega like me doesn't cheat often simply because there is no one to cheat with. I mean, I'll agree that people can go through phases, but people are inherently a certain way.

This is from another definition Omega is a logical choice, when faced with the problem of describing people who are clearly not subservient to an alpha yet cannot be described as an alpha themselves, There is no set criteria for an Omega, the sole common trait is one of being a rogue social wander who avoids binding attachments generally rejects social hierarchy treating everyone equally based on personal judgment, and refuses to be drawn into tribalistic feuds between groups of people Not many people know about the Omega. The Alpha comes across and cocky, which is often confused for confidence.

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